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LCS Lions roar quietly over Labone Senior High

LCS Lions of lincoln Community School (LCS) on Wednesday morning  won their second season game against Labone Senior High School at the Lincoln Multipurpose Sports Facility. The game started with both teams not taken good care of the ball resulting in many turnovers by both teams. Both teams did not take advantage of the turnovers which ended the first quarter at lincoln leading by just a point after 10 minutes running time.

The second quarter started with labone passing the ball and going for a quick two. Labone maintained its lead through out the second quarter and ended the first half with a three point lead over the home team with 6 -3.

The lions came back in the second half with more fighting spirit and with just three minutes to go in the third quarter they led by a point 7-6. The score was the same at the end of the third quarter. Both teams had alot of attempts at the basket but both had a low percentage shot through out the game. At the end of the third quarter LCS was shooting 3/21 Field goals while Labone was shooting 3/25 Field goals. T.

The last quarter saw great ball movement from the lions who seemed to end their second season game with a win after loosing to Action Progressive Institute a week before in their season opener. With just five minutes to go both teams made fastbreak points after playing some good defense. Labone after missing five of their freethrow attempts finally made one and that got them to nine points. The play of the day came from the lions after one of their players mentained her composure to finish a basket after been pushed in the process of shooting the ball. The game ended with lincoln lions rawing quietly with a win over Labone Senior High School (17 – 9)

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