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Closer look!!

Eastern regional champions, Anglican JHS beat GLISS to win bronze at the 2011 grand-finale of the Milo JBC on Saturday March 19 at the Aviation Social Centre

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  1. In my suggestion i think the position we the players play must be awarded,for example ball handlers must be awarded,better free throw players,fast breaks,cross overs and big men too.This awards are not or is not just given like that those who perform very well in the competition and it should be point or area for u people to gain money by letting the students vote for their best player,and that will hold 30 percent and u the masters hold 70 percent.Last but not the least it should be than only when the last two teams meet and that is 1st and 2nd teams.Thanks for given me and the other brothers and sisters who commented,i also think when u agree to this suggestion start to broadcast it for we the players to be careful in our training.Thanks yours faithfully Dofenyo Daniel

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