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  1. I just finished analyzing all the results from the zone two UPAC games which was won by Accra Poly, and I’m very positive the final showdown, come April 16 will be all Poly affair. Big-ups to Accra Poly for the decisive win over Legon. This win is a proof that, when it comes to basketball in Ghana, the Polytechnics are a force to reckon with.

    Takoradi Poly is ready for ‘you’ Accra Poly, the defeat at Ho is so fresh on our minds that it’s only REVENGE that will set our minds at peace. We have played you on seven occasions since taken over as Coach, and have beaten you five times in both Ghana and International games, the score margins in our loss to you are minimal compared to yours to us. The results from our final match with UEW, compared to yours against Legon should be a great worry to you and all contenders. Our eyes are RED for the giant trophy!

  2. Kweku Baffoe Appiah

    On point bro. I know that the only thing that can go against us is the “Accra Referees Factor” barring that we are good to go. We are the Team to beat trust me. It’s quite obvious UEW and A ‘ Poly are the teams to watch out for in our quest to lift the tropy. As for K ‘Poly [our old girlfriends] we will just spank them for desert.
    Accra Poly well done anyway. Mind you, revenge is on our minds and trust us to make u feel like novices in the game. Fast and Pray you don’t draw us in the qualifiers. T’Poly will RULE come 16th April.

  3. Not too fast don’t rule out Kpoly soo fast, massa, i watched their game and was impressed, and i feel they stand a chance. but its great the polytechnics are dominating the game, let’s see what happens, but its a great innitiative and i believe with this the GAME is going to move another level in Gh

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