Yaw Sakyi

Chief Executive of Rite Multimedia, Yaw Sakyi Afari, is confident the maiden edition of the Ghana Basketball and Leadership Camp will serve its purpose.

Kids between the ages of 10-19 will embark on an intensive six-day camping exercise in Accra to learn the fundamentals of the game while building their capacity for future endeavours.

Hundred participants (both male and female) will get the rare opportunity of working under experienced local trainers and expatriates who are expected to teach them the rudiment of the game.

A number of accomplished men and women in the business class will take the kids through leadership training, helping them to acquire the necessary skills required to take on the world in the future.

Organizers have promised to put another masterpiece together and an Accra-based event company, Rite Multimedia, which has been at the forefront of developing and promoting the game, expects the participants to benefit fully from the project.

“This program is only not expected to improve their basketball skills, but also equip them with some useful leadership skills as young people,” Rite Multimedia Chief Executive, Yaw Sakyi Afari said.

“We also have some accomplished men and women who will come and talk to these kids about how to become better businessmen and sportsmen in future.

“One good thing about this camp is the fact that it is not only limited to basketball players but of course for kids who are interested in the sport and want to learn a thing or two.

“It is an opportunity for these kids to come and interact with those who are already playing and also for parents who want their kids to go and socialize, talking about kids between 10-19 years. This is a very fine opportunity and you just need contact our offices to get registered.

He added: “We have very experienced coaches coming from Germany and the United States of America and we’ve also made contact with some high schools abroad who are eager to watch products from this camp.

“So activities of the camp will be recorded and submitted to these high schools. What it means is that kids who participate in this camp stand the opportunity of gaining some educational scholarships abroad.

“It is something which has never happened in Ghana before and we are proud that we’re the ones championing this project.

“We have made provisions for 100 boys and girls this year but we are hoping to increase the capacity next year and ensure many more get the chance to be part of the exercise.”

The 2013 Ghana Basketball and Leadership Camp has attracted interest from may across the country with participants expected to come from the various regions.



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