cepsThere is one certainty in Ghana when it comes to the Greater Accra Basketball League.

CEPS, Tema Youth and Police Service plat at a much higher level than everyone else.

Over the past five years, the three teams have been more polished and clinical than the chasing pack.

CEPS beat Tema Youth in the title game, and Police accounted for Panthers in what is believed to be the most keenly contested game last year.

The teams are back in the midst where they will engage each other in another round of exciting League.

As long as the three basketball team carry on with their same approach, it’s hard to see any team closing the gap and challenging for a spot when the Greater Accra League starts on April 24.

“The discipline and work ethics by those three are just too much (for others right now), Greater Accra Basketball chief Benjamin Baafi said.

No team has won the Championship apart from CEPS over the last 14-years but Tema Youth and Police are the only two teams which have come close to the podium.

If Panthers are unlikely to crack top four, at least this club has a chance to solidify its standing as the fourth best team in the Greater Accra Region and by extension Ghana.

One way to do that is to have plenty of good coaches at all levels of the sport.

Benjamin Baafi has analyzed the situation and offered counsel to emerging forces.

“I have been around for a long time to know and understand that this season won’t be much different from previous years,” he said

“CEPS are most likely to win again because they have the best materials at the moment.

“They have been able to attract the top stars and that to a large extent has accounted for their unstoppable displays so far.

“In my view, they have had the best pre-season preparations after participating in the eight-club tournament in February.

“The focus is not even about the fact that they won but it’s good for team building and confidence ahead of a major season like this one.

“The biggest need, I truly believe, is in forming more grassroots coaches.

“This is essential for the future of sport here.

“Without capable Ghana coaches to develop young talent, there will not be a positive future.”

“I am very enthusiastic and looking to try to grow and do things better.

“I hope that little by little, we can grow together.” he concluded.




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