Great Lamptey Mills School have vowed to make it a double header when the second edition of the Junior Ball Championship (JBC), basketball, music and dance competition takes place at the Aviation Social Centre on Saturday February 27th, 2010.

The young ballers from Abosey Okai exhibited great potential to triumph in the maiden edition which was held at the same venue two years ago.

But they will face unbendable opposition from fifteen other schools who have confirmed their participation in the one-day competition.

The Junior Ball Championship is one of the four major brands of Rite Multimedia – leaders in basketball development and promotion in Ghana. The company is bent on growing the game from the grass root to the senior level.

All the participating schools have commenced vigorous training sessions ahead of the championship with high hopes of unseating the defending champions as fans await the big day.

Achimota School and Galaxy International School will be serious contenders for the ultimate diadem after they placed second and third respcetively in the maiden championship on March 4, 2007.

Also Association International, Ghana International School, Alfa Beta, Soul Clinic, Jack and Jill, Morning Star and the Burma Camp based Kotoka Basic School are some of the schools that will vie for honours at the Aviation Social Center on Saturday February 27, 2010.

The Junior Ball Championship is currently concentrated in the Greater Accra region and the organisers say they will extend their tentacles and build capacity by organising it in other part of the country.

So with the Sprite Ball Championship for Senior High School done and dusted, the attention will be shifted to the Aviation Social Centre for the second season of the Junior Ball Championship meant to unearth talents in the basic schools. Participants of this competition range between 9 and 14years.

Students, parents and guradians from the 16 schools and others who will throng the Aviation Social Centre will be treated to some scintillating music and dance competition.

The battle line has been drawn and the tough talk that normally characterizes competitions of this nature has already begun and the Aviation Social centre will settle all scores.


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