I was at the main basketball court of the University of Ghana last thursday. I have never really been a fan of basketball, but last thursday was my conversion.

The end to end stuff was legendary! Tenacity in the face of sheer UEW class was the defining characteristic of the spirited UG side. Without that, they should have been sank like a breached inflated raft. Players like Morrison held it together; his distribution was as accurate as it was breathtaking, and despite a lack of calmness in the UG side later on in the game, they surprisingly never lost composure.

Kelvin was inspirational, especially with that SLAAAAMMM DUNK!!!! That was something! And he rubbed his head in the air while holding on to the rim like a mad rush of blood just soared in, in a split second that sent sparks and screams throughout the court and crowd.

It was clear that UG did not capitalize on many fouls, but when Falconer got sent off, a key advantage was lost to their still mesmerizing opponents.

UEW was clearly classy. Their Falconer is a genius of the court, no two ways. But the team has strength in depth; everybody made shots, everybody distributed; everybody defended. It was a great effort, and you could tell that they didn’t know how basketball matches were lost. I find it fair to day that Falconer’s sending off certainly helped the UG cause like nothing else happening on court could have.

In the end, wow, what a fight! UG are giants in their own right, and what a fight it was! I dare say the match could be aired on NBA TV and passed for a real thing.
I am now a fan of basketball.

What a game

Story by Agana Agana-Nsiire


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