Tema Youth wants their demotion to D2 overturn by the technical committee (TC) of the Greater Accra Basketball Association.

The Tema based side has filed a protest at the corridors of the GBAL following the decision of the organizers to award the points to Hoops and nullify all points accrued in the elite division.

They claim their vehicle broked down on the way to the venue and hence their inability to arrive on time for the cliff hanger.

Many basketball pundits have described the decision of the executives to demote the fifth placed team on the table to the country’s second-tier league as harsh and an affront to natural justice but officials insist they are simply applying the rules governing the championship.

According to the rules governing the Greater Accra basketball league series, any team that fails to honour a league match on time will forfeit the points and automatically be relegated.

Tema Youth is also calling for the reversal of the decision because the opposing team was ready to play despite their lateness.

‘It was not a deliberate attempt to be late for the game. Our vehicle broke down and we made frantic effort to be here on time’. Tema Youth coach Emmanuel Quaye is quoted by reboundgh.

‘We are not perturbed by the current situation because we believe the technical committee will give us a fair hearing and we’re convinced we will play in the top flight next season.

‘We were only two minutes late and we hope good judgment and natural justice will carry us along’.

By: Patrick Akoto


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