Keta Senior High’s impregnability in the Volta Region will be the salient moment when they attempt to win the title for the third consecutive time.

Ketasco have won the prestigious Sprite Ball Competition for the past two years – clearly making them the most ‘feared’ side in the region. What has worked for Ketasco has been the team’s knack to recover quickly, with team spirit and chemistry at its epoch stage, demonstrating their willingness to dominate the game in the Volta Region.

The 2010 edition of the Sprite Ball Championship hit town on Saturday with expectations of the participating schools hitting roof top. No contest in the region captures the imagination like a game between the defending champions and bitter rivals Keta Business School (Ketabusco).

The two schools continuously produce sell-out -crowd performance on any given day and their potential meeting on Saturday has heightened anxiety among the teeming fans. It will be interesting to see which of the two sides will enjoy massive home support from Mawuko Girls who are hosting the competition for the first time. They need to produce another unrivalled display this weekend to win the heart and warmth of the host school.

Ketabusco will have more to prove after they lost in their two previous meeting against their foes. They’ve been unlucky in two previous attempts and they say 2010 will be a different ball game.

Revenge will be the key factor for them when play in their third Volta regional Sprite Ball Championship and only 100% concentration and good luck can see them through.

As good as Ketabusco have been over the years, they’ve never beaten their rivals in the yearly competition and that give Ketasco a psychosomatic urge over their opponent.

All the participating teams have begun earnest training ahead of the competition which is expected to draw the biggest crowd in the region.

Remember only two teams from both the male and female division will gain automatic qualification to the grand finale in two months time in the nation’s capital, Accra.

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By: Patrick Akoto


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