The Volta Regional Physical Education Coordinator, Felix Akatupe, is convinced the 2010 edition of the Sprite Ball Championship will be highly competitive and hardnosed.

Preparations for the one-day tournament at the Mawuko Girls Senior High have reached a conclusive stage as over fifteen schools gather their loins for the biggest basketball championship among senior high schools in the country hit the ground running in the region.

Schools who took part in the tournament last year earned rave reviews for their performances and Akatupe is convinced the Volta Region will produce another unrivalled organization in 2010.

The boys from the Keta Senior High (Ketasco) defended the trophy they won in 2008 in an astonishing fashion beating perennial rivals Keta Business School (Ketabusco) in a tense-final.

The female team from Nkwanta Senior High also followed in the footsteps of Ketasco by retaining the title they annexed two years ago at the same venue in 2009.

Akatupe expects the teams in the region to produce a sell-out-crowd performance on Saturday.

He told ‘Were very much ready for this year and I must say that everything has gone on as planned and surely the participating schools will do their best on Saturday’. Akatupe said

‘We’ve put things in place and we’re glad Mawuko Girls have agreed to host the competition and that has also place a lot on the shoulders of the other teams who are all eager to qualify for the grand-finale in December.’

‘The kind of performance exhibited last year indicated that the region is growing massively in the game and hopefully they’ll live up to expectations once again’.

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By: Patrick Akoto


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