Nkwanta girls produced an unconvincing display to open the defence of their title on a positive note-beating Keta senior high 11-9 on Saturday as the game continues to attract thousands of fans to the Mawuko girls school.

The defending champions looked unimpressive throughout the game and the narrow score line sums up their performance in their opening fixture.

They will need to improve in subsequent games if their quest to win the title three times in a row is given any serious meaning.

They looked a pale shadow of their former selves and failed to reignite the expectant crowd who were keen to see what they had up their sleeves this time around.

May be they could be forgiven as they normally start the competition on slow motion before they get into their groove in successive matches.

In the other group game host Mawuko girls produced a comeback performance to beat Mawuli 7-6 to send the home fans into bananas. It was a game that failed to produced few goals but with lot of end to end action and fairly tale display from the young ladies.

The two sides had a lot scores to settle as they produced an entertaining game to the charging and admiration of the home fans especially who kept supporting their side until they got that decisive goal that sent the fans into euphoric mood.  

The victory by the host has electrified the atmosphere as the game continues to produce amazing skills and character from the various participating schools.  

Meanwhile Ola has recorded their opening day victory over Mawuli in a 10-5 success. This is the second defeat for Mawuli who lost their opening match against host Mawuko girls. The result effectively rules them out of any chance of making into the knockout phase.

Tit bits

v  Kajebi Asatu senior high have just beaten Three Town senior high 17-4 in another entertaining and eye-catching display at Mawuko girls. Kajebi Asatu which placed third last year in the Volta regional competition were in super form displaying quality basketball skills to dismantle their opponent.

v  Awudome Senior high has also accounted for Ketabusco girls 10-7 in another end to end action at the Mawuko girls school.

We’ll keep you updated. You game is live and on at the Mawuko girls senior high.

More to follow soon


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