With barely three days for the commencement of the 2011 Milo Junior Ball in the Eastern regional capital of Koforidua, the basketball frenzy has caught up with fans who are eager to make their presence felt on Friday February 25.

Massive talents have been onshore in the West African country since Rite Multimedia took the audacious decision to develop and promote the game.

The stock of the game at the juvenile level has risen greatly with organizers broadening their scope with the addition of two more regions getting the opportunity to showcase their aptitude to tot up schools in the Greater Accra region.

The tough-talk among the various participating schools have begun with teams calling off the bluff of each other.

Schools which couldn’t raise teams to play in the basketball championship will be engaged in the battle of who has got talents in dancing and singing competition, choreography,  bouncy castle and face-painting amongst others at the Koforidua Secondary Technical School (K.S.T.S) which will host the juvenile championship for the first time.

The battle line have been drawn and burgeoning talents will be on display on Friday February 25, 2011  with eyes firmly gripped on one team that will secure the right to qualify for the grand finale in Accra on the 18th & and 19th of March at the Aviation Social Centre.

The 2011 Milo Junior Ball Championship is brought to you by Nestle Milo – the energy food drink of future champions.


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