Frank Gyandu has been recognized as one of the young top basketball referees in Ghana and the budding talent has set a modest target for his chosen career.

Gyandu has been part of the small number of referees in the West African country who has had the opportunity of been an umpire at major local tournaments in Ghana and his performance over the past years give massive hope for the profession which has been heavily criticized in some quarters over performances on the court.

The no-nonsense referee was part of the team that officiated at the recently concluded first ever Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (UPAC) basketball championship and a key official in the ongoing Greater Accra basketball series in Accra.

His mental toughness, ability to stick to his decisions and alacrity could propel him to higher height in the refereeing profession.  

He has been refereeing since he retired from the game and says he enjoys the broad view of the game umpiring gives him.

‘‘I’ve played basketball since I was quite young, and for the last three years I’ve learnt a lot in refereeing. Gyandu said.

‘‘For me, as a player and a coach, it’s really interesting to be able to know the rules and relate to the ref—I’ve got a better view of the game of basketball.’’

‘‘I’m looking forward to learning, and meeting new people that do the same things.’’

He concluded: I’ve a lot of things in me which I want to demonstrate and in a profession where one is constantly accused of one thing after the other, I’m working hard to improve myself and emerge as one of the finest referees in the country’.


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