Veteran basketball coach Mathias Ocloo has stirred controversy by claiming  Hashim Brimah is better than newly-installed MVP Baniba Dodzie.

The highly unassuming guard (Brimah) was among three other players shortlisted for the coveted individual award in the 2013 Ghana Basketball Awards held in the country’s capital Accra on June 7.

Baniba Dodzi stole the march off his opponents including Emmanuel Dickson (Police) as well as Cyril Clarke (Tema Youth) to be crowned the country’s best player in 2012.

His selection has been widely viewed by many as ideal considering the fact his performance in the year under review spoke volumes of his immense talent .

Despite been a one-show baller on  the court for both Braves of CEPS and Accra Polytechnic, he helped them to win the Greater Accra Basketball series as well as the Polytechnic games respectively.

But the former University of Ghana trainer insists Hashim Brimah’s complete stature makes him a better player.

“Dodzi is a fine player by all standards but I think Hashim is a complete player than him,” Ocloo told BASKETBALLghana.com

“In my years of association with the game in Ghana, I will tip Hashim over Dodzi on any day.

“The game goes beyond being an expert in free-throws. Hashim is a handler, good attacker and his work rate on the court is amazing.

“I felt he deserved to have won the MVP  but I will still congratulate Dodzi nevertheless. He won the vote of the majority and so be it.”

Do you agree with Mr Ocloo’s assertion that Hashim Brimah is better than Baniba Dodzie? What makes the two special? Please your views known the box below


  1. M. Ocloo no doubt knows who a good player is. Dodzie is a fine scorer, that’s an undeniable fact. But Hashim is a more complete player than he is. Hashim passes well and makes the play sometimes and he is a rebounding force! Of course he has to improve his shooting!


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