The roaster for the 2013 Sprite All-Star Game was released on Thursday with emphasis on the Green Team.

The All-Star Game is always great way to watch players who excelled during their playing days for their respective teams in the Sprite Ball Championship.

Here is everything you have to know about the roster of the White Team this year.

Shared by five schools and dominated by past students of Koforidua Secondary Technical School, the White Team boast of an array of former stars who graced the court and made thousands go crazy.

In relieving those memories the Sprite Ball Star-Game is set to rock many fans at the Aviation Social Centre.

Emmanuel Ekow Amoako (Koforidua Secondary Technical School)

The former captain of Koforidua Secondary Technical School wrote his name in the history of the competition after excelling heavily for his school.

An ambitious and intelligent handler, Ekow dismantled defenders apart with his sublime piece of skills.

A big fans’ favourite in the Eastern Region, the current first-year student at the Kwame Nkrumah of Science and Technology is one of the key players for the White Team. His dexterity, character and spirit on the court will be revisited during the competition the Aviations Social Centre.

A youngster who usually goes for the jugular in such exhibition games, he will be required to stick to his newfound interest in distributing.

He guided KSTS to clinch the title at the expense of Abuakwa State College – a promising talent who is expected to dazzle his court on Tuesday December 24.

Eric Afful (Koforidua Secondary Technical School)

Assumed control and paced the best collection of players at the youth level in Ghana, he would Koforidua Secondary Technical School (KSTS).

Not an overwhelming performance or a flood of points, but that’s not Afful. His brilliance comes from his uncanny ability to dictate the terms of a game and he did just that while compiling many points and assists for KSTS.

A colossus talent who will relieve some of his performances during the All-Star Game. Currently playing for Takoradi Polytechnic, the youngster is growing from strength to strength.

Top drawer by all standards.

Rudolf Retting Akrasi (Opoku Ware)

Take some time off from the internet and explore the exploits of Rudolf and you will not be far from reaching the conclusion that he is an amazing talent.

The Opoku Ware graduate was adjudged the third best player at this year’s Ghana Basketball Awards – clearly underlying his unyielding potential at the high school level.

With huge responsibilities on his shoulders, young Akrasi discharged his duties with perfection as he guided the Kumasi-based giants to excel in the Ashanti Region.

Another pure piece many would love to see at the Aviation Social Centre on Tuesday December 24.

Julian Morgan (Mfantsipim)

Mostly regarded as the most skilled young man in the history of the game at the High School level, the 2013 High School Player of the Year is a colossus talent. His dominance on the inside was a thing of beauty.

He abused many defenders with his amazing strength and power play. It was borderline unfair how he brutalized defenders with brute strength.

Morgan is the model of consistency. Look through his statistics throughout the years, and you won’t find too much variation.

Won several titles with the oldest high school in Ghana and one key man many would love to watch again at the Aviation Social Centre.

He accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards.

Edem Dompe (Opoku Ware)

Dompe’s dominance is widely acknowledged, and as time passes he seems more and more like a mythical figure.

He entered the game burdened with unimaginable expectations but yet live up expectations as one of the finest players to have played for Opoku Ware School.

A real genius by all standards, Dompe is a household name whose exploits will linger on for many years.

 Adomanko (Koforidua Secondary Technical School)

Adomanko was never the most athletic player on the court, but he was always dominant. Whatever he lacked in athleticism, he made up for with his basketball IQ, great skills—including that deadly jump shot—and fierce competitiveness.

 Biney (Prempeh College)

Biney is an interesting case as his offensive stats don’t’ jump out at you, but his impact went far beyond numbers. The ex-Prempeh College ace could flat-out dominate the game defensively.

An amazing chap with huge potential and deserve to be in the All-Star Team this year.

Jude Kudjoe (Ghana Secondary Technical School)

There is plenty of evidence to support Kudjoe’s inclusion in the All-Star Game after churning out impressive displays for the Sekondi-Takoradi-based school. His consistent performances for the side has won him many admirers and deserve a slot at the Aviation Social Centre on Tuesday December 24. He is currently a first year student at Central University College.

Joshua Opare (Koforidua Secondary Technical School)

Regarded as one of the young stars to have emerged from Koforidua Secondary Technical School, Opare was one of the chief architects of a side which thrilled many with their performances.

He will be back on the court on December 24 to show his stuff.

Sydney Larbie (Ghana Secondary Technical School)

The 2013 All-Star cannot be complete without my favourite player Sydney Larbie. Perhaps I can be forgiven for showing so much bias towards this promising starlet, but he’s once chap who won me and I believe several others over with his knack and character in the game.

There is plenty of evidence to support Sydney’s quality. His omission from the shortlist of players at this year’s Ghana Basketball Awards raised may eyebrows and courted some amount of controversy.

Perhaps because he was unable to lead his school to the finals. But GSTS has always been a one-man team since burst onto the scene in 2009. He broke into the team in his first year and became an instant hit.

The fact that he was given the captain armband in only his second year bear ample testimony of the trust and faith they reposed in him.

Sydney has been missed by many crazy fans but they will have another opportunity to watch him action when he lined up his sneakers for the exhibition match at the Aviation Social Centre.


  1. It’s such an amazing idea to bring together those who actually excelled during their days back at high school. I must say it’s a laudable initiative, a platform to honour and acknowledge these performers, this could as well help boost the zeal and passion of those currently playing for their respective teams. It’s thumbs up for the organizers and the MMARIMA MMA! boys.


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