Afriyie Ankrah

Ghana’s Sports minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has called on corporate organizations in the country to channel their finances to support basketball.

The growth of the game has seen a massive leap over the past few years with the Sprite Ball Championship at the Senior High level highlighting the huge potential that the country can derive.

Despite the huge popularity of the game especially amongst the youth in the West African country, lack of government support has taken a toll on a rather fine game.

There are no financial allocation to help with the development and promotion of the game in the country.

Giant beverage company Coca-Cola has been at the forefront of championing the growth and promotion of the game by injecting huge financial support to the sport.

For the past seven years, the global brand has pumped millions of Ghana cedis into the game which has resulted in the huge interest shown by the youth in Ghana.

With growing brand of basketball reaching its peak and showing signs of helping the country to win laurels at the international stage, many have clamoured for the government and corporate organization to come to the aid of the sport in the Ghana.

However the country’s Youth and Sports chief, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, has appealed to the corporate world to inject money into the sport.

“I would like to appeal to corporate Ghana to channel some amount of their resources into basketball and the so-called other lesser-known sports,” he said

“With such support I believe the game of basketball will continue to rise. The potentials are there and what they need is our support.

“We can only help them to nurture their talents if we support the growth of the game financially.

“I will therefore plead with companies in Ghana to come and support us develop the game.”


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