The much-anticipated Greater Accra Basketball League starts on April 24 but already there are lots of excitements in the air.

The three-month championship will present another opportunity for other stellar clubs to challenge CEPS for the ultimate title.

There are many who feel the League has become boredom due to the invincibility of Braves over the past 14-years.

Coach Brimah Lawah has the best arsenal at his disposal with the best crop of players who have gone on to win the championship for an enviable 14 successive times.

There seem to be no challenger to their ambitions and their recent success at an eight-club tournament in Liberia has signaled again their ability to make it 15 in a row.

The likes of Tema Youth, Hoops, Fire Service, Police Service, Prisons, Holy Family, Galaxy and Reformers amongst others have a tall of unseating an impregnable CEPS side.

Tema Youth and Hoops are widely seen as the two sides that could challenge CEPS for the crown but they have little credibility left after racking up series of disappointing results over the past few years.

As the 2014 season rolls out next month, lots of confidence are being exhumed with massive grounded optimism.

Apparently not, head coach of CEPS insists that the period leading up to the eight-club tourney in Liberia, was a trial-and-error phase for the team, which was giving a chance to a few inexperienced but talented young players.

“We tested our young players in Liberia and started some of them,” CEPS boss Brimah Lawah said

“We struggled at the start but we did a good job and eventually won the competition.

“We’ve got to clarify our strengths and issues before the tournament start. We cannot get complacent at all. We want to remain unbeaten for many, many years.”

Hoops manager Claudis Thompson was not on the same wavelength as his colleague on the opposite side.

He said his team performed a lot better and has been more united than in years past/

“We are certainly focused to play some tough game this season,” he said

“Last year, we came close but we must keep fighting hard this year to ensure we nick the title.

“I am confident if we correct our issues in practice, we should have no problems this year.

Of course, despite what other  players say, maybe there are some positives. Realistic — or you could say cynical — hoops observers would probably laugh at their chances, saying that finishing above third, which is required to punch , may still be too high a bar for their men to overcome.


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