Yaw-SakyiPopular TV host, Yaw Sakyi Afari, will host a new and exciting Basketball Show dubbed “FAST BREAK’ on TV3 starting June 1.

The always smiling Yaw Sakyi, who had his first television exposure on TV3 in 2004/2005 as the host of the late night entertainment show dubbed “Moon Light”, makes a return to the Adesa We studios after 8years with TV Africa hosting and producing another entertaining show “The Rundown”.

This new sports show presents highlights of foreign and local basketball news with emphasis on the NBA Championship as well local basketball programmes.

FAST BREAK is expected to be electrifying, engaging, fun, learning curve and will get fans glued to their TV set during the three-hour show. The show will provide news and information, analysis, highlights and exclusive interviews coupled with a crack team of expert who will discuss the games and provide insights on the fastest growing sports in Ghana.

The local segment of the show has features such as Court Side, Pick of the Day, Promotions and On the Street. Court side profiles basketball personalities from coaches to players, fans, heads of schools, etc who are making an impact on the game.

The Pick of the Day is a segment of the show which will highlight the game of the day. It will be taken from previous tournaments such as Sprite Ball, Junior Ball, University and Polytechnic Games and the Greater Accra Basketball series as well as the NBA. Players and officials who were directly involved will be invited into the studio to talk about the game.

On the street is one thrilling and rib-smacking segment which will test people’s knowledge on simple basketball terms (jargons). It will rib out viewers with varied views on people’s understanding of the game.

There will also be a weekly promotion to reward fans while their views and comments will be big on the show through social network sites like facebook and twitter.

Yaw Sakyi and his team undoubtedly have led the renaissance of the game in Ghana for over 10years now. He was presented with a Meritorious Award by SWAG in September 2010 for the development of the game in Ghana and also by 3G Magazine Awards in New York in December same year.

Get ready for this new and exciting basketball experience on TV3 starting Sunday June 1, 2014


  1. What are your social media names and or handles. I’ve been looking up for it a;ways but can’t find any fast Break concerning your program on fb or twitter. Again can please give me the program schedule on TV I missed the first one thouh. When are you gonna start the following one or reapeat the program on TV, I don’t wanna miss it anymore. Get me updates.

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