Mirza-Teletovic-150222-Dejected-G300Brooklyn Nets forward Mirza Teletovic, out for the rest of the season after he was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in his lungs, said on Monday he expects to be able to resume playing in July once he is finished with blood-thinning medication.

Teletovic was hospitalized in Los Angeles after experiencing shortness of breath during a January 22 game against the Clippers. He was diagnosed with pulmonary embolus, which has also sidelined Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh for the remainder of the season.

Teletovic said doctors are fairly certain his problems can be traced to a hip pointer he sustained against Cleveland in December, and the clots traveled to his calf and then his lungs. He couldn’t figure out why his calf was hurting, and why he was suddenly fighting fatigue even when he was home with his family.

“I couldn’t get it together,” he said.

The Bosnian forward said he feels great now, relieved that he finally has answers for what was causing his problems and a way to eliminate them. He said he can run, work out and shoot, but isn’t allowed to play because any contact could cause bruising.

And he had a message for Bosh, who sought treatment at a South Florida hospital after feeling ill during a trip to Haiti over the All-Star break.

“He’s going to get better soon, start working out pretty soon,” Teletovic said.


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