JUMP BALL BACKDROP newThe maiden edition of the Jump Ball quiz on TV3’s Fast Break starts on Sunday June 21.

The 10-week quiz competition will see contests battle it out in a fountain of knowledge of the game in Ghana and abroad. It will be a battle of wits and intelligence as they will be drilled on their understanding and knowledge of the game.

Jump Ball, which is a segment of the Fast Break show is an exciting and innovate programme to consolidate the gains and further grow basketball in the country.

This is expected to create a positive buzz about the game in the country and get people to follow the game even more. The quiz show is expected to offer a basketball platform for followers of the game to express their deep-seated knowledge of the game and be rewarded whilst offering new followers of the game a channel to gain knowledge about the sport.

There will be four contestants per week in the preliminary round with two winners from each week advancing to the next stage.

The round two will see the 12 housed in three groups for with four contestants in each group.

The final round will see three finalists compete for the ultimate prize.

Beautiful and intelligent Sadella Campbell will host the exciting event on Fast Break, starting Sunday June 21.

To participate, send details (name, number, occupation, location) to Whatsapp number           0269619294. Email tv3fastbreak@gmail.com or Facebook & Twitter fastbreakontv3


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