sacramentoSo Tuesday, a bunch of rumors came out about DeMarcus Cousins and how theCeltics, Heat, and Bulls were interested in trading for the temperamental Sacramento Kings superstar. In the report, it indicated that the Kings weren’t interested in making any move of Cousins.

USA Today confirmed Wednesday that the Kings aren’t exactly having to turn the phone off to stop the calls coming in.

Also, the Boston Herald reports that the Celtics and Kings haven’t had even a single conversation about Cousins yet.

This one I don’t buy. I can’t believe the Celtics, who have so many assets to trade and no real superstar, haven’t at least made a courtesy call to see what the going price is for Cousins. They have the Nets’ unprotected pick, several young prospects, and have been linked to rumors about interest in Cousins for months.

Maybe it was a text message from Danny Ainge.

Either way, Sacramento is starting to play better with Cousins back healthy and have remained opposed to trading him since he showed up in rumors around the draft. You can probably put the Boogie trade ideas back in your pocket for now.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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