Multiple reports surfaced Monday night that Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has suffered a potentially serious complication beyond the calf strain that held him out of Sunday’s All-Star Game. Bosh’s agent informed the Miami Herald it was “too soon” to report that Bosh had developed another blood clot, after that condition ended his season and forced him on blood thinners for over seven months last year.

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat is dealing with another blood-clot scare, making this the second consecutive year that he’s spent the All-Star break facing a most uncertain future because of the issue.
Bosh will spend “the next few days” reviewing options and no determination will be made about his playing status until he goes through more tests and evaluation, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Monday night. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because neither the All-Star forward nor the Heat have revealed the matter publicly

The blood clots Bosh developed last year were life-threatening and the experience was at once deeply scarring and transformational for Bosh on a personal level. Whatever the new situation is, it’s at least being closely monitored which should improve Bosh’s chances of avoiding a serious condition.

Meanwhile, beyond the more important matter of Bosh’s personal health and well being, the Heat would be in considerable trouble if Bosh were to miss significant time. The team has failed to gel this season and with the trade deadline just days away, many are expecting roster moves that could create more instability. Losing the team’s best overall player on both sides of the floor would be devastating toward their hopes of not only making a significant run in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but reaching the postseason in any regard.

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