The 2016 Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (UPAC) Basketball Championship officially commenced earlier today at the University of Ghana. The third edition of Ghana’s grandest tertiary basketball championship is headlined by Rexona and will have 28 institutions participate in the six week-long tournament.

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) engaged Ho Polytechnic in the earlier of two games played simultaneously. Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) took on late entrants Pentecost University College to complete the first round of games in Zone A.

Ho Polytechnic delivered the perfect jolt to an opening which was uncharacteristically low in scoring from both sides. The Volta Region-based institution beat highly favoured GIMPA team 19-15 on the back of solid team play and better execution in the latter part of the game.

GIMPA’s disjointed efforts on both ends of the floor also helped Ho Polytechnic’s course to victory.
Pentecost University College accounted for Ghana Technology University College 22-20 to complete the first round of games. Pentecost went ahead to beat Ho Polytechnic 36-30 in a battle of winners and claim a second straight win in the competition.

GIMPA rallied from a seven point deficit at the end of the first quarter to claim a sensational 30-26 win over GTUC and keep its’ hope of qualifying to the quarter final alive.

The final round of games was rained off and has been moved to April 8 where it will feature on the list of games scheduled to take place in Zone G. Prior to the stoppage, Ho Polytechnic had a first half lead.

The basketball version of musical chairs- bouncing chairs- had players from competing teams challenge each other to remain the last man sitting on the chair.

The 2016 UPAC Championship is supported by MTN, CAL Bank and Fanyogo in partnership with Basketballghana.com, TV3, Y FM and Ghana Sports Newspaper.


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