Abdul Fatau of UDS declared Most Valuable Player of the tournament

Tamale Polytechnic bow out with no wins

UDS officially qualifies as Zone B winners

Final score UDS 24-20 Tamale Polytechnic

Game ends

UDS concede one more free throw from Tamale Polytechnic before final whistle sounds to signal the team’s qualification to the quarter final .

UDS leads 24-19 with less than five minutes remaining

Tamale Polytechnic call for time out after suffering yet another massive dunk from UDS

Tamale Poly respond after timeout with crucial bucket from three point range

Score remain same heading into Tamale timeout

Flurry of missed shots and offensive rebounds from UDS keeps the pressure on Tamale Polytechnic

Fourth quarter begins

Count down to final quarter

Should UDS win game, they qualify to compete in the quarter finals set to commence on April 14

UDS 20-16 Tamale Polytechnic

The third Quarter comes to an end with UDS still leading

Misses both shots

Has chance to reduce deficit

Wa Polytechnic’s Wahab fouled; on the free throw line to shoot two

Team leading 13-11 ahead of Tamale Polytechnic

Second half begins with emphatic dunk from UDS to claim game lead

Half time score UDS 11-13 Tamale Polytechnic

Half time UDS trailing Tamale Polytechnic by 2

Referee blows whistle for end of the first half of the final game of the day.

Wa Polytechnic score from the paint to end score less close to the end of game.

Score still tied Tamale Poly 11-11 UDS

Second quarter starts in similar fashion to preceding quarter

Second quarter to begin shortly

First quarter ends with scores tied at 6

Surprisingly slow start to game; both teams showing signs of jitters

Next game up Tamale Polytechnic V University of Development Studies (Tamale)

Segment is sponsored by MTN

Ladies free throw shooting contest about to begin

Tamale Poly will have to win game against UDS to stand a chance of qualifying for the next game

Tamale Polytechnic only winless side in the Zone

UDS win ensures Wa does not qualify for the quarter final

Final score Wa Polytechnic 21-31 UDS (Tamale)

UDS score late in game to restore 10 point lead

Wa Polytechnic score to reduce deficit to eight points.

Wa face 13 point deficit after timeout


Wa Polytechnic score to make score Wa 13-26 UDS

UDS nails deep three point attempt to extend UDS lead in the game

Score less run from both teams in opening minutes of final quarter

Tamale Polytechnic backing UDS to win as a win for UDS means Tamale Polytechnic has a shot at qualifying to the next stage should they win their final game.

Score check UDS 23-11 Wa Poly

Wa Polytechnic very careless with the ball leading to loads of turnovers

UDS score four straight points from fast breaks off steals

But make amends to retrieve possession and score to make score Wa 11-19 UDS

Wa Polytechnic get stripped off the ball

Second half resumes

Half time score check UDS 12-6 Wa Polytechnic

Wa Polytechnic’s shots are not falling. UDS defenders making it hard for them to have clean shots

UDS demonstrate great ability in moving ball around

UDS take 12-6 lead into half time

Wa Polytechnic v University of Development Studies (Tamale) tips off

Should Wa Polytechnic win second game they qualify to the quarter finals

Tamale Polytechnic rally late in the game to claw back from nine points down to just one point.

Wa Polytechnic defeats Tamale Polytechnic 24-20 in opening game


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