Reformers of Prisons and Braves of Customs each earned impressive wins in the third week of the Accra Basketball League (ABL) Women’s Division at the Lebanon House in Tudu, Accra. Reformers beat Navy 51-43 in the opening game before Braves came from behind to beat Galaxy Ladies 37-24.

Reformers held a 22-17 lead at half time and needing to get his team’s campaign back on track, Coach Alexander Tindani ripped into his squad during the break which seemed to work immediately after the game resumed.


Navy scored six straight points to begin the half and whittle the deficit. However, Reformers gathered themselves with the likes of Promise Ofori and Elizabeth Atobrah making key baskets to fend off Navy’s attack. The loss is the second is Navy’s second of the current campaign.

Galaxy’s strong start which culminated in an 11-6 lead in the first quarter wasn’t enough to extend the team’s winning run in the league as they fell 24-37 to Braves. The defending champions proved it will take a lot from the rest of the field to dethrone them with a stunning display in the third and fourth quarters.


The experienced defending champions started slowly, tied the game in the second quarter and blasted out of Galaxy’s range in the final quarters to maintain their unbeaten run in the league. Galaxy coach Hashim Brimah conceded “tiredness” was the reason his side lost in a post game interview.


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