On the same day that Chris Bosh took to social media to post videos of his workouts, ESPN reports that Bosh expects to be back with the Heat this season.

A league source told in July that Bosh is preparing to be available when training camp opens on Sept. 27 and expects to be medically cleared to rejoin the team.

This is relevant on account of how Bosh and the Heat left the situation unresolved in the spring. Both sides wanted him to return to the court, but Bosh had found a doctor to clear him whose evaluation the Heat rejected. But that dynamic is what makes this ultimately lacking in closure. Bosh says he’s back, but he’s not back until the Heat say he can be back.

They have to clear him with their doctors, and make the decision to absorb the legal risk of a recurrence impacting his health. These are serious matters and it’s going to take some time to sort them out.
Still, there’s more good news here than bad, as it’s clear that Bosh feels like he can return and has every intention of continuing to play in the NBA. Chris Bosh isn’t anywhere near done yet.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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