LeBron James continued his mini-media tour with an appearance on The Ellen Show, and he discussed winning a championship, signing a new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and his obsession with going to the gym. He also sung the praises of rival superstar Stephen Curry, who is also scheduled to be a guest on the show soon.

“He’s definitely a great guy,” James said. “He’s a fierce competitor, I’ll tell you that. So don’t get fooled by that smile when he come up here. If any of y’all play basketball or golf, he’s going to try to get it from you. So don’t get fooled. For me, I think the best thing for me is that we’re two of the most talked-about athletes in the world, and we were both born in Akron, Ohio. So that means a lot to me.”

If you’re invested in the idea that James and Curry hate each other, sorry. The two most prominent players in the league respect each other. Fancy that.

Also: If you’re interested in James and Ellen DeGeneres taking shots of vodka while playing something called “The Wastebasket Challenge,” then you should definitely watch the whole clip. I wonder if Curry will play the same game when he makes his appearance.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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