Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I outfit Teshie Rangers has missed out on the opportunity to tune up for the playoffs following a referee induced postponement according to Rangers Coach Wisdom Etsorgali.

The second game of the round was expected to tipoff right after Fire Service duel with home side Tudu Magic; the former beat the latter 64-55 in an exciting encounter. However things turns sour after referees on the day decided to walk off the court and out of the game entirely abruptly.

Speaking to, Rangers Coach Etsorgali is ruing the missed opportunity for the likely eight seed to play the likely first seed due to the unexpected decision. He said:

“This was our last game for the season… we were not relegated into Division II so were hoping this would be at least a practice game between us and CEPS (Braves). So far CEPS has the best record in the league it’s likely they will top the table and we coming eight it means we will be meeting them in the playoffs so this was like a preparatory game for us into the playoffs”.

“It’s rather unfortunate the referees decided to abort the game, it has really affected us”.

With two wins from eight games played thus far in the season and amassing 10 points in the process, Rangers have qualified for the playoffs after Holy Family and Air Force’ relegation to the lower division. In what is likely to be the final seed. Braves on the other hand, is yet to lose a game as it record- six wins in six games- pits them as favorites to claim the first seed.



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