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He’s no longer the team’s coach but the Cavaliers have apparently not forgotten about David Blatt.
Despite being fired in January and not being part of Cleveland’s title run, according to the Akron Beacon Journal’s

Jason Lloyd, the Cavs will still be giving Blatt a championship ring:
David Blatt is getting one more parting gift from the Cavaliers: a championship ring.
Blatt was fired at the midpoint of the Cavs’ championship season, but the team has ordered a ring for him, too, multiple sources confirmed to the Beacon Journal.

This is a rather strange gesture, especially since the team gelled and morphed into a championship team after Blatt left. This was the main reason the Cavs fired Blatt in the first place. Cavaliers GM David Griffin believed that although the team was winning, Blatt just wasn’t getting the most out of the players. Which with their Finals win proved to be the case.

But Blatt did his share, guiding the Cavs to the Finals the year before and amassing a stellar record of 80-43 at the time of his firing. So it’s not like he did nothing and Lue used some of his principals and schemes when he took over.

Still, this is strange and you have to wonder if Blatt will even cherish the ring or will just remind him of his quick exit from his first coaching gig in the NBA.


Courtesy: CBS Sports


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