An intriguing Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I matchup between Fire Service and Reformers of Prisons has been postponed due to rains that flooded the Lebanon House playing surface.

Despite stakeholders determination to complete the match as the rains trickled down in Ghana’s capital, Accra, a slip from Reformers Guard Nii Ayi Mensah on a drive to the basket signaled referees on the day to call off the encounter with 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock and the game tied at 65.

The game and Braves of Customs game against Tudu Magic have been set to be played again on Friday September 23 at the same venue.

Prior to the cancellation, both teams were engaged in a tough duel as they battled for the win and the chance to secure higher seeds for the playoffs. However Fire Service made a slow start as Reformers raced to a six nothing lead with Fire registering its first bucket with 5: 37 left to play in the first quarter. Reformers completed the first quarter leading 23-19 on the back off Center Aziz Mohammed’s effective work around the basket.

The game’s trend continued in the second quarter with Reformers leading 34-32 but Reformers Shooting Guard Elvis Pobi-Siaw produced the game’s highlight with a nasty crossover on Phillip Armalo of Fire before knocking down a three point shot.

Fire rallied in the remaining quarters to take the lead on several occasions during the stretch with Daniel Laryea and Center Joseph Boye coming up with big plays. Nii Ayi scored consecutive baskets by running the entire floor and Point Guard Andrew Ayienab completed a four point play to bring Reformers back into the tie.

The rains then peppered the open air court leading to the game’s cancellation. An unsavory incident involving several members from both teams happened in the aftermath of the postponement as a brawl ensued. The animated factions were separated quickly but not before Aziz Mohammed of Reformers sustained an injury to his face.



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