As the presidential race rolls on with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton preparing for the first television debate on September 26, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has a proposal to the Republican nominee.

First, per CBS News’ Sopan Deb, Trump offered this response regarding Cuban’s recent comments about how the economy would “tank” in the event Trump is elected president:

In reply to Trump’s response, Cuban issued a challenge to Trump on Twitter in which he will pay him a vast sum of money to discuss Trump’s policies for running the country should he get elected:

Cuban did add rules to his proposal, including Trump not being allowed to mention the Clinton family or “anything other than the details and facts” of his plans, and that no one else can be in the room to help. “Just me, you and a broadcast crew,” Cuban Tweeted.

Cuban did amend his initial proposal by saying that if Trump needs it, Cuban will write him a check to keep the money instead of giving it to charity before wrapping up with the social-media version of a mic drop:

Cuban had previously supported Trump’s presidential run in 2015, but recently explained to Ira Boudway of Bloomberg Businessweek that he changed his mind after getting a chance to speak with Trump via email and telephone. Cuban “didn’t agree with most of what [Trump] said” and was not receptive to some of the answers he received when he “got the chance to ask [Trump] some poignant questions” in their conversations, according to Boudway.

A $10 million payout would barely put a dent in Cuban’s wallet, as Forbes estimates the Mavs owner’s current value at $3.3 billion.


Courtesy: Bleacher Report


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