The three day registration period for playoff teams in the Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I has ended and focus has now been shifted to the playoffs which are set to begin this weekend at the Lebanon House Court in Tudu, Accra.

On Monday September 26, all eight teams that have made the postseason roster had the chance to register new players and beef up their teams ahead of what is expected to be a tough string of games. However, the exercise ended on Wednesday September 28 as the final game of the season between Braves of Customs and Tudu Magic did not take place as both sides failed to show up.

As such Braves who were leading the tie 22-20 before a rain induced cancellation in the second half, have since been declared winners by default and top the standings with Magic earning the third seed. Speaking exclusively to after the process, Reformers of Prisons Coach Prosper Agbleta stated his side has registered Samuel Odamtten and Phillip Barley from the team’s Junior side.

Eight seed Teshie Rangers did not registered any new player according to Coach Wisdom Etsorgali. The side will play Braves in the opening game at 17:00 GMT on Friday September 30.


Below is the complete schedule for the first round of the playoffs:

September 30
17:00 GMT Braves of Customs-Teshie Rangers
18:00 GMT Tema Youth-DC Dynamics

October 1
17:00 GMT Tudu Magic-Teshie Rangers
18:00 GMT Fire Service – Ghana Navy

Odamtten will be on Reformers roster according to Coach Agbleta.
Odamtten will be on Reformers roster according to Coach Agbleta.


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