The 2016 Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I season has been dogged by several cancellations which has protracted the league’s timetable further than originally scheduled.

During the rain drenched months of June and July, heavy down pour was the main reason behind the postponed games but the consistent absence of referees to officiate games has been another major reason behind the cancelled games.

The postseason is barely a full round old but already has witnessed a major instance of the poor professionalism exhibited by the men and women of the game’s law. After Reformers of Prisons had recorded a 58-53 win over home side Tudu Magic, Ghana Navy and Fire Service were set to play in an eagerly awaited all-security service derby.

However, the game’s start was delayed and later called off due to the absence of referees. Basketballghana.com gathers referees on the day were associated with Fire Service and to solve the problem, officials arranged for
“junior” referees to officiate the game.

Unfortunately, the stop gap referees were deemed unfit to call the game citing a “gross match” according to Navy Coach Alexander Tindani, who complained vehemently against the postponement.

The game has since been rescheduled to take place later today at the Lebanon House Court.

Coach Tindani speaking to Navy's Female side during a timeout.
Coach Tindani speaking to Navy’s Female side during a timeout.


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