Defending GSP (Global Sporting Platforms) Basketball League Champions Suncity Braves have eked out a win in Week two of the Sunyani-based league which resumed over the weekend at the Eusbett Hotel Basketball Court.

Braves beat West Siders 20-18 in a game that failed to thrill fans at the venue unlike the remaining games of the round. After a lengthy break to resolve pertinent matters related to the league after the opening round of games on April 30, Braves opened the round unsurprisingly tentatively.

Both sides failed to hit the mark with the game was characterized by several missed shots as players struggled to get back in form after the long break.

Perhaps another reason for the poor scoring output must have been the venue as Eusbett’s court was recently added to last season’s set of venues; Sunyani Polytechnic and University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) Basketball Courts.

Catholic University College, Ghana beat UENR 32-24, Barracks Scorpions beat LIR 43-25 and Sunyani Polytechnic beat Desert Rabbits 34-28 in the remaining games of the round. Scorpions and Braves top the young league standing following their unbeaten start to the season.

Below are results recorded on GSP Week Two:

Suncity Braves 20-18 West Siders

Catholic University College 32-24 UENR

Barracks Scorpions 43-25 LIR

Sunyani Polytechnic 34-28 Desert Rabbits




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