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Cavs’ Jefferson contemplating retirement

Veteran Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson chose to bow out gracefully and retire after Cleveland’s dramatic Game 7 NBA Finals win over the Warriors in 2016 … but then he changed his mind.

Jefferson ended up re-signing with the Cavs on a two-year, $5.1 million contract. Now, it appears, the 37-year-old Jefferson is once again contemplating hanging them up. He spoke about his possible retirement on his “Road Trippin'” podcast.

“I don’t know what I’m about to do next season,” Jefferson said. “The only way I would come back would be if these m—–f—–s figure this s— out. Honestly, at the end of the day, coming back alone was not only worth the experience but also worth ‘Road Trippin’,’ man. This s— was cool, man, because we gave fans something that they had never f—ing seen.”

It sounds like if Jefferson does come back, it might be as much about the podcast as playing basketball.
Despite his age, Jefferson has been a significant rotation player for the Cavs for the past two seasons, playing close to 20 minutes per game during the regular season and around 13 minutes per game in their most recent playoff run. On a Cleveland team already struggling with depth issues, Jefferson’s departure would eliminate a solid, low-salary rotation player.

LeBron James, a guest on the podcast while Jefferson was discussing retirement, said that the team and the city have his back.

“Whatever you do, R.J., you know you got a home here,” James said. “You got a home here in Cleveland.”
Jefferson is set to make $2.5 million next season in the final guaranteed year of his contract.

Courtesy: CBS Sports

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