Porzingis and Carmelo.
Carmelo Anthony is currently nowhere to be seen on the Knicks team website. Anthony is still on the Knicks, but New York is clearly planning for a life without him. Many expect Anthony to be traded to the Rockets, but nobody is exactly sure when that is going to happen.

Anthony, on the other hand, seems to be preparing for life as a Knick. He reportedly has been in contact with Knicks teammates before training camp and has been sending encouraging messages to fellow Knicks playing in Eurobasket. One of these includes Latvian star Kristaps Porzingis.

League sources tell me that Carmelo Anthony has engaged with Knicks teammates as the start of New York training camp nears.

Sources tell me Melo has followed the progress of Porzingis, Kuzminskas and Hernangomez during EuroBasket, sending texts of encouragement.

This is very professional of Anthony considering the situation. Both sides have accepted that they won’t be together much longer, but Melo continues to involve himself with current teammates until a trade has officially gone through. He could very give everybody the silent treatment until he is traded and nobody would think anything of it, but he has chosen to stay involved.

If Anthony has been following Porzingis’ progress then he should be impressed. Latvia took on Montenegro Sunday and Porzingis sparked his national team to them in a total thrashing with some highlight dunks.

Latvia will move on to play Slovenia this Tuesday. Porzingis better keep up his excellent play because now he knows Anthony is watching.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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