Magic Johnson has always been closely linked with the Lakers after his playing career. He’s never been shy about showing his support for the franchise and he’s always been something of an ambassador for them. Last February, Johnson went all in on his support of the Lakers and became their President of Basketball Operations.

This felt like a job that Johnson took because it was the Lakers and he all but confirmed that in a recent interview with ESPN’s First Take. Johnson went on the show and revealed that he’s had multiple job offers in the past from teams like the Warriors and Pistons.

Magic says he turned down jobs with the Dubs, Pistons and Knicks before taking the Lakers job. Said Knicks’ President Steve Mills called.

“I turned down three jobs. My good friends Peter and Joe bought the Golden State Warriors. They came to me I want you to be an owner, a partner with us I said no I’m a Laker. My friends bought the Detroit Pistons, Tom Gores, and a Michigan State guy. Come on home it would be a great story, I can’t I’m a Laker. I could have owned other teams.”
Johnson has ventured into ownership before and even owned part of the Lakers before selling his stake.

However, he made it very clear that the only NBA franchise he wants to work with is the Lakers. That’s why he joined their front office and why he never got involved with other NBA teams.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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