Remember a few years ago when the greatest musical artist of his generation, Soulja Boy, said “I’m not into computers, I’m into money?” Well, today’s NBA stars are pretty much saying the same thing, except instead of not being into computers, they’re not into loyalty. It’s money they want, along with championships.
At least, according to future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki.

The Mavericks legend was on SiriusXM Radio recently, and during his interview he spoke about his nearly two-decade tenure in Dallas — where he’s spent his entire career — and why he felt like that was where he belonged. At the end of that answer, Nowitzki then offered some thoughts as to why there aren’t many players like him who only play for one team.

Does loyalty still exist in the NBA? Dirk Nowitzki explains how he’s been able to stay with the #Mavs for 20 years

“I understand, the new NBA is a little different, it’s about making money and winning and not as much about being loyal anymore.”

To be clear, Dirk was not saying this with any sort of animosity or longing for the old days in which there was less player movement. He was just accurately describing the state of the league these days.

And why shouldn’t players be more concerned with money and winning? Money and winning is what most players seek. Loyalty is cool too, but it’s not like teams — see Celtics, Boston and Thomas, Isaiah — won’t ship a player out of town at the drop of a hat if they think they can get someone better.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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