Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from the Cavaliers left many fans stunned and turned into a giant race to figure out why he wanted to leave Cleveland. Did Irving want out because of teammates? Personal reasons? Did he just want a new city? The only person that really knows for sure is Irving and maybe his teammates.

One of his former teammates, Iman Shumpert, sat down with Complex for an interview where they talked about a wide range of topics. This included the Irving trade demand and move to Boston. According to Shumpert, however, it wasn’t the trade itself that stunned him. It was more the process of how everything went down that was surprising.

“We all knew certain things about this team that’s tough. I didn’t expect it to happen how it happened. I didn’t expect it to be a big thing. It was like a dragged out thing. I don’t know how it was leaked on who’s side, or whatever happened. I know as a team. As a whole. When we talked about it. When I talked to Kyrie about it. Just wish that it was more controlled in a sense that the fans didn’t have to have weird quotes and is this true is that true.”

According to Shumpert, the trade demand was not the overly dramatic moment that it got made out to be when it happened. As always, the NBA is just business and that’s how he took the entire situation. The big issue of the deal was how dragged out it was and everybody can agree that the anticipation of an Irving trade was far more painful than when the trade itself finally went down.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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