Magic Johnson has been subpoenaed as a witness in a civil lawsuit accusing Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green of assault, according to court documents obtained by the Detroit Free Press.

Johnson, the Los Angeles Lakers’ president of basketball operations, and Green both played basketball for Michigan State, and the plaintiff played football at MSU.

Warriors forward Draymond Green is being sued for an incident last July in which he allegedly slapped a former Michigan State football player.

Jermaine Edmondson and his girlfriend, Bianca Williams, filed suit July 25 in response to an altercation in July 2016 that culminated in Green allegedly striking Edmondson in the face at a restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan.

Johnson is being asked to appear because of a tweet he posted after the incident, in which he indicated he’d had a conversation with Green and that Green was very apologetic.

The subpoena asks that Johnson testify Oct. 4 at the Lakers’ practice facility in Los Angeles. The documents indicated Johnson has agreed to appear.

Green, who was arrested for allegedly slapping Edmondson and faced a $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail, reached a plea deal that reduced the charges to a noise violation and a civil infraction, which carried a $500 fine and $60 in jail restitution.


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