Bradley Beal is tired of being passed over for league-wide honors.

The Washington Wizards guard didn’t get an All-Star selection and might not be picked to one of the All-NBA teams despite having an outstanding season, which he discussed Sunday.

“I could complain a million different times for a million different reasons. But I honestly feel like our game should always speak for itself,” Beal said, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports. “I feel like the players always know, the coaches know. So, in that regard, I don’t get too uptight about it. I do get upset about it because I do feel like it’s a respect factor.”

The 27-year-old opted out of the NBA’s restart in Orlando, which means he will finish the season with an average of 30.5 points per game. Only James Harden has a better scoring average in the NBA, but Beal has been overlooked because of the Wizards’ struggles as a team (24-42 record).

Hughes compiled a list of public All-NBA votes, with several leaving Beal off the list. John Hollinger of The Athletic and Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer both noted the guard’s defensive issues holding him back.

Even in his best year from an offensive perspective, Beal doesn’t feel he is getting the respect he deserves from the NBA community.   

Courtesy: Bleacher Report


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