Los Angeles Clippers governor and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reached $100 billion in net worth Wednesday, according to Scott Carpenter of Bloomberg.

He is the ninth person to reach that milestone.

According to Carpenter, Ballmer has seen his net worth grow by $20.1 billion since the start of 2021.

The 65-year-old purchased the Clippers for $2 billion in 2014.

According to Forbes, the Clippers were valued at $2.75 billion this year, including a 38 percent change in value over the past five years. The mark puts the team sixth among NBA franchises despite having zero championships.

Ballmer, meanwhile, has used his ownership of the Clippers to lower his tax rate while reporting $700 million in losses in recent years, according to a breakdown by Robert Faturechi, Justin Elliott and Ellis Simani of ProPublica.

Before his time in the NBA, Ballmer was known for his work in the tech industry as one of the first employees at Microsoft and Harvard classmate of Bill Gates. He joined the company in 1980 and was the CEO from 2000 to 2014.

Courtesy: Bleacher Report


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