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In the face of little growth in basketball on the Ghanaian circuit, Lithuania Basketball Federation (LBF) and International Basketball University (IBU) Representative in Ghana Richard Borsah has stated striking a partnership with the LBF would help change that.

He made this statement in his speech at the Press Conference organized earlier today at the Accra Sports Stadium to officially announce the commencement of activities outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) and the LBF and IBU in December 2021.

Jonas Vainauskas, representing the LBF, arrived in Ghana on Tuesday, January 11 and was present at the event that had GBBA Vice President (Administration and Finance) Alex Kukula and Secretary General Rafiq Arthur in attendance.

From Left to Right: , Arthur, Kukula, Borsah, Vainauskas, Bulley

“The purpose of his (Vainauskas) visit is basically to assess the state of Ghana basketball and see how best Lithuania can make input into development of the game…there has not been so much of growth in the game for so long so we believe that this partnership is going to help change the face of the game in Ghana and probably within the African region” Borsah said.

IBU Representative Richard Borsah (Left) displays signed MoU between GBBA and Lithuania Basketball Federation with GBBA President Ato Van-Ess at Dinner Gala

Vainauskas is set to depart Ghana on January 21.


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