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Simply magical how Orlando does it

Forgive yours truly for not ploughing through my keyboard during the mayhem Earth has been subjected to since the first seconds of July via the NBA free agency. Long story in summary, there is more money than ever flowing in the greatest basketball league in the world. Money is gas …

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On the Verge of Ghana’s First

Not too surprising, Game 7 of the NBA Finals spiked interest in basketball for the football drenched nation named Ghana; blame the multi headed media beast-the NBA-for that. On the verge of seeing LeBron James lift a title in Cleveland after 52 years on another phenomenon’s land, captured the imagination …

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Team USA’s failure around the corner

Speaking to Two-time NBA All Star David West of the San Antonio Spurs, one cannot miss out on the Power Forward’s deep knowledge in varied aspects of society. Through a lengthy interview he granted, many issues regarding his shock move from Indiana Pacers to San Antonio sacrificing $11 million in …

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“So you know now Kevin Love is really screwed. They’ve put him in an awful situation. Now what happens if he comes back Friday? Do they start him? They have hung Kevin Love”. Those were the words from your truly Sir Charles Barkley after Cleveland Cavaliers necessary 120-90 win over …

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Comb through the long list of award winners of the 41st Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) Awards and you will be surprised not to find any recognition to basketball. The game has undergone a massive revolution over the years from one which was skewed to a minute portion of …

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