HILDA FRAMEHilda Koranteng of Nkawkaw Senior High School (Kawsec) was one of the revelations at the recently concluded Eastern Regional Sprite Ball Championship.

The 16-year-old point guard showed sublime piece of skills, dexterity and stamina to help her school clinched the trophy at the expense of Akosombo International School in their debut season.

She was a delight to watch as she dazzled her way through the defence network of their opponent with ease.

The young and energetic player grabbed the highest number of field goals in the female category and was arguably the tournament best player.

She is expected to spearhead the title challenge of her school in the grand finale at the El-Wak Stadium on December 19th and 20th.

HIDA FRAMEThe Kumasi based student of Kawsec told basketballghana: ‘I am extremely delighted with my performance and that of the entire team’

‘We are thrilled that we have won the competition in our maiden appearance and so hopefully we will be able to translate our performance in the grand finale in Accra.

‘We are not going to be swollen headed and move into serious training because we are coming for the national title.’

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  1. Hilda is a very good player she was my play mate in the eastern regional team but i have complete school.we were both point guards if she does not go i will do but all that i will like to say is that she should keep it up so that she can be famous as i have started.

  2. u are a true obooba.long live great kawsec .
    somtimes peopel look down on ourschool.but we belive in our capabillities.
    we can and we will

  3. if you dont set goals for yourself, you are doomed to work to achieve the goals of someone else. Therefore be determined and keep your fingers crossed always. well done girls


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