Jakob Krumbeck (Funkwerk Junior Baskets Jena), German U17 Player has been named NBBL-All-Star. Besides Krumbeck, 19 other players have been named by the coaches. U17 national team player Krumbeck (born on February 21st, 1993) is the youngest participant at the NBBL-All-Star Game which takes place on January 23rd, 2010 in the Telekom Dome Bonn.

Krumbeck earned his All-Star honors due to constant performances on a high level. He led his team Jena averaging 14,1 points. He has also been one of the crucial players of the German national team at the U16 European Championships averaging 8,3 points.

“Jakob stands out for his positive attitude during practice both in terms of extensiveness as well as regarding intensity. His work ethic is very good and therefore I think he deserved to be named NBBL-All-Star. But not only Jakob performes great in the NBBL; it is extremely important for all German U17 players to gain experience in the league”, U17 Head Coach Frank Menz commented.

Besides Krumbeck, Besnik Bekteshi (BBA Ludwigsburg) who has recently joined the U17 squad has been awarded with a nomination for the NBBL-All-Star Game. Bekteshi earned a nomination for a training camp before Christmas and is now on Coach Menz’ radar screen.

The following Youth Players from the German national teams have been awarded the All-Star honors:

Ole Wendt (Paderborn Baskets, U18), Anthony Canty (Eisbären Bremerhaven, U20), Lars Wendt (Paderborn Baskets, U18), Mathis Mönninghoff (Bayer Giants Leverkusen, U18), Niels Giffey (ALBA Berlin, U20), Patrick Heckmann (ASC Theresianum Mainz, U18), Kevin Bright (Team ALBA Urspring, U18), Danilo Barthel (Basket-College Rhein-Neckar, U20), Philip Neumann (TSV Tröster Breitengüßbach, U18), and Justin Raffington (Team ALBA Urspring, U18).


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