With barely a month left for the second season of the prestigious Junior Basketball Championship (JBC) the customary bated breath and apprehension that usually typify the competition has already reared its head.

School authoritities and students have begun the taugh-talk ahead of the big –Day. Some will be out for revenge, others will rekindle old age rivalry and the rest will be eager to settle old scores next month in an expected charged game.

The second season of the competition among students of the Junior High Schools in the Greater Accra region takes centre stage on the 27th of February, 2010 at the Aviation Social Centre.

Already the jitters have hit high among the junior high school students ahead of the one-day cliff hanger at the Aviation Social Centre and the expectation will be huge.

Defending champions Great Lamptey Mills have promised to repeat their heroics achievement but  will face unbendable competition from equally great schools like Association International School, Alpha Beta School, St Theresah’s, Seven Great Princes Academy, SOS, Akosombo International School and Datus among others.

What makes the junior ball excessive thrilling is the fact that it is interspersed with music and dance competition where winners stand the chance of winning individual awards from sponsors at the same venue.

Young and burgeoning talents are expected to be exposed at a platform where they will get the opportunity to nuture their dream.

Junior Ball is one of the major brands of Rite Multimedia, leaders in basketball development and promotion in Ghana.


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