The Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana established in 1956 is well endowed in sports. The hall’s basketball team which is arguably among the most enviable teams of the country’s premier university will come in handy when the prestigious Legon Dunks takes centre stage on Thursday March 18th 2010 at the main basketball court.

The vandals were beaten at the finals of last year’scompetition. They have vowed to seek revenge in this year’s competition.

The team has intensified preparations for the one-day tourney and expectations among the teeming fans of the hall have reached an epoch stage with barely eight (8) days left for the biggest and finest basketball show piece on the campus.

The only all-male hall of residence in the university will be hoping to go a step further this season and write their name in gold plate as they slug it out with the four other traditional residence and three international hostels next week.

The acronym VANDAL is a combined summation of the attributes of Vandals and stands for the following: Vivacious, Affable, Neighbourly, Devoted/Dedicated, Altruistic and Loyal.


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