Martin Holdbrooke will be buried on Saturday March 20, sources close to the Holdbrooke family have confirmed to

The ceremony will take place at the Adisadel College Park in Cape Coast and ‘will be opened to the public (friends and relatives)’ the source said.

Holdbrooke died on March 8 at the G-hospital in Kumasi after complaining of stomach ache.

Prior to his burial there will be a candle light vigil for him on Thursday March 18 at the Victoria Park Basketball Club, Cape Coast

Holdbrooke was impressive at last year’s Sprite Ball competition in the central region where his superlative performance helped Cape Coast Technical Institute to place second in the regional qualifiers.

Until his untimely death the small forward for Cape Coast Technical Institute was a key member of the junior side of the Cape Coast based basketball team known as Cape Coast Hoops.


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