The NBA legend says he could never imagine joining forces with other huge stars during his career

Apparently there is a new trend in the NBA — retired legends turned team owners speaking out about LeBron James’(notes) signing with the Miami Heat. It’s the sweetest thing to do this summer, cool dudes and dudettes.

First, Michael Jordan said there was “no way” he would have ever joined forces with two other superstars to chase a championship. Now, one of those guys Jordan said he would have never linked up with is doing the same.

Johnson’s comments came during an interview Tuesday morning at Baruch College in New York, and they’re just more proof that LeBron James’ decision isn’t sitting well across the league. Either they’ll serve as motivation for the two-time MVP to prove the haterz wrong, or letting down his idols will damage James’ confidence, sending him in to a funk. Considering he announced his free-agent decision in an hour-long special, I’m thinking the confidence will be doing just fine.

Of course, the only logical move now is for someone to find out what Larry Bird thinks about LeBron James teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh(notes). Sure, he might not own the Pacers, but he’s got a high-level job with the team. That’s good enough. The being-a-legend thing helps too.


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